Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Easiest TuTu You Didn't Sew

I teach (I use that term loosely) a little ballet/tap class for Addi and her friends on Monday mornings. The Spring Concert is coming up so I made these tutu's for their costumes. It is practically a no sew project.

First I took some elastic (I had 3/4 inch on hand) and cut it 19 inches (this is good for 3T-4T) and sewed the ends together overlapping about 1 inch, in a square with an "X" in the middle...I don't know the techincal term, . At this point the sewing is done.

Then I cut 16, 1 foot wide strips of tulle, folded them in half once, then I folded them in half again over my finger to make a loop and held it on the "wrong side" of the elastic

Then you just take the loose ends, catch them through the loop and pull

Then just pull and straighten until you get it the way you want it.

Just repeat until you have the fullness you want.

note: the more strips you add the more the elastic will stretch.

They're really easy and the little girls LOVE them!


bostonshumways said...

I should be updating my own blog, but instead, I'm devouring yours.....holy cow, you are the new and improved "pioneer woman." I'm stunned by everything you're doing Angi!

By the way, you really could sell that dress collection for millions (I'd buy it if I had millions).