Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Looking Without Seeing

So, as many already know the transmission on our car is broken and it has been in the shop since Friday. Needless to say I have been getting more exercise than usual, which is definitely a good thing as I see the weeks closing in on summer and swim suits. I have been taking our trusty, albeit cumbersome (it is too wide to fit through a standard doorway) jogging stroller everywhere. It has served me well these last few days as Addi's royal "carriage" and the smoothest running shopping cart I've ever had. Addi said, "Mom, lets pretend this is our car." and I said, "Guess what! we don't have to pretend this IS our car!"

note: native Bostonians call strollers and shopping carts carriages...

Anyway, so today Addi and I decided to venture to our dear friends the Genzale's to return some books I borrowed and to visit for a minute or two. It is about 2 miles each way and the weather was chilly but still sunny and great for a walk. I have driven this route several dozen times but I was amazed at the many things I had never noticed before now. I thought about that concept while I was walking...and wondered how many things I had looked at in passing but had never really seen.

I felt so spontanious, I noticed that a new cupcake bakery opened just next to the post office and I thought I'd give it a try. Something that I would have probably wanted to do but perhaps never would have done if I had not been walking right by the door because of the hassle of driving there, finding a place to park, then paralell park on that small main street, get Addi out of her seat, then put her back in the seat, get OUT of the spot, drive home, park and walk the 10K back to our apartment from the parking garage....for a CUPCAKE?! not worth it.

Could it be...is walking actually more convienent than driving???

PS double chocolate cupcake is great, and I'm going back to try the hot chocolate cupcake with cayenne...spicy!

Please enjoy some of the things I saw along the way.

I've always wanted a house with a turret

Flowerbed seat

Patriotic Detail
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Meg said...

I love the pictures. Oh how amazing the right coast looks! I love all the cute houses and details. You have a great eye for details.
I love the dress in the bowling pictures. So adorable. Addi is one lucky lady.
I love that Bostonians call strollers/carts "carriages". As you probably know, in Hawaii, a shopping cart is a "wagon".
YOU HAVE A SEWING GROUP????? You are too much. So multi-talented. Photography, music, poetry, sewing, wow! I just love you and your inspiring life. Oh, and on top of that, you are one of the coolest, nicest people I have ever known.

kristopher kleinman said...

that was a lot of nice things that Meg said and i cant muster up that kindness so i just thought you guys would want to know that i now have a blog and a am pretty savvy. so watch out world the k man is a blogin fool