Sunday, April 13, 2008

-She is rediscovering foods she liked as a baby but had since informed me that she disliked; including chicken noodle soup and zucchini

-Her favorite color is pink
-Loves to "check her e-mail" which consists of jumping up on my lap when I'm in the middle of something and hitting as many keys as possible (often re-configuring the whole computer) before I can get to favorite.

-She counts everything, stairs, fingers, number of carrots on her plate.

-She loves ice in her water, just like Daddy
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Meg said...

I love this whole blog. I am going to copy you. What a great way to record and share memories. I want to meet Miss Addi so badly now. She sounds like quite the little lady. I love her outfits. She (you) have such style. I love it. I love that she has such a great imagination.

megan said...

Great pictures!!! I love them. We all love Addi--I especially love her laugh.