Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dancing Days

I started teaching this little dance class last fall when Jerusha, Saydi and myself decided that we didn't want to pay some hoochie teen-agers hundreds of dollars to teach our girls "ballet" to Wiggles music.
I decided I could do just as well if not better. Our apartment building has a cool aerobic room complete with a mirrored wall and a small barre just perfect for little girls, and we got Ashley, Addi's cousin to join in and Angi's School of Dance was born. We have had some tears, some scuffles, but mostly, we've had TONS OF FUN!!
This was our last week and our Spring Concert.

Dress Rehearsal

Telling Secrets


Ending Tea Party
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megan said...

I love it! And great pics. I can't wait to see the video of the performance. Bravo!!!

Meg said...

These are so cute I can't stand it. I also love your polka dot blog skins, I have been meaning to tell you that. I love that you teach dance! I think that is so cool. Good job, the girls are darling.

bostonshumways said...

Angi's school of dance ROCKS!!!! Angi, could you send me these adorable pictures?