Sunday, May 4, 2008


I am a couple of weeks late with this, these are pictures from a little while ago when there was one glorious day of 80 degree weather. It was playgroup day and we all met at Piers Park, a really cool park in East Boston with a great view of the city (which I'll have to capture the next time I go), a fun playground, and a huge lawn to relax on.

The cherry trees were in bloom and they were GORGEOUS!! I don't know if I just didn't notice last year but this year the blooming trees have been so beautiful, I almost can't take my eye's off them to drive or walk or pay attention to anything else.

Addi has also enjoyed the "popcorn" trees and we've been singing the song quite a bit to express our joy for the beauty of the season.

Piggy Toes

Addi and Toby staked out this sweet spot at the park. They felt cool hanging their feet out of the port holes, and not letting any of the smaller children pass through.

I'm sad this picture didn't turn out larger but this is Ben, Addi and Toby admiring the blossoms.

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Addi and Toby couldn't get enough of eachother! Poor Ashley, we tagged along with them to the grocery store, and later we crashed their house for popcorn and games.


Ashley said...

We loved every minute of it! I love the hand-holding. Maybe not when their 14 though. Cute now, scary later!

megan said...

I'm sad I missed out. AND sad Landon won't hold hands with Addi--she's hot! Although, he did whisper sweet nothings in her ear yesterday. Something about having an itchy bum-bum. VERY cute pics.

Rhiannon said...

uh-oh... looks like hazel has some competition!