Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Beach Day of the Year!!

At long last this winter has called it quits. We'll still get rain and a few chilly days because...well...this is New England. But never fear we are enjoying every gloriously sunny day to it's fullest! At the first hint of beach weather we high-tailed it to Good Harbor Beach. It is perfect for kids with shallow tidal pools that are inhabited with schools of tiny fish and a few crabs. The sand was soft the sun was hot and even though the water was freezing no one wanted to get out of it.

As I was talking to my friends at the beach we noticed a couple of differences between beaches here and beaches in say California or Hawaii. The most noticable difference is how you feel about yourself when you leave. In California or Hawaii the beaches are coverd with young, tan, tight bodies in barely there bikini's or nice board shorts. While up north you've got a mostly geriatric crowd with skin that has been taned to a leather, that is trying to be covered by the stretched out faded suit they've had since the 70's. The younger people are not much better, they're usually much paler and there is nary a toned ab to be found, let alone a celulite-less thigh. Now I am no Hawaiian Tropic bikini girl and these are generalizations of course but having experienced the above mentioned beaches I'm here to tell you that if you want a confidence boost just come on up to one of my beaches and you'll feel like a million bucks!

Places to go....

People to see

This picture kills me, it is so "Addi" she tries to be such a lady all the time, I think it's so funny.
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SLP said...

I LOVE this picture of Addi - I hope she can teach Theo some manners as well :)
Great shot!

Rhiannon said...

ohhhhh! that is so cute & funny! talk about being at right place at the right time!