Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rain, Bugs, More Rain....Ahhh Camping!

Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a camper, Randall isn't either so it works out well for us. However, we were beguiled by the Activities Committee with cabins, running water and large lawns to participate in the Ward Camp-out at Camp Joseph in Sharon, Vermont. The rain and the bugs were annoying and at times torrential but I am happy to report that we had a wonderful time and are looking forward to next year.

Cabin "Abinadi" our 10x10 home away from home.

Fitted with 2 bunk beds one window and one chair.

Addi amused herself with her friends and on the small playground.

I gave her the standard "girls camp" braids that were both stylish and convenient.

Randall enjoyed rare male time playing kickball, horseshoes, and corn-hole

If I had not seen Addi in a while I just started looking up trees, and sure enough I'd find her. I was so glad she experienced something I loved so much when I was a kid. (There are not many climbing trees at our apartment complex...or in Boston for that matter.)

Addi bringing sticks she'd gathered for the fire.

Randall, contemplating the use of the lighter fluid he'd gathered for the fire.

Happy Camper

Patiently awaiting a fire worthy of marshmallow roasting.

Dirty Piggies

At last! That warm gooey sugar makes it all worth it.

We packed up after two fun filled days, as we pulled out of the camp ground I looked back and Addi was already fast asleep....what a wonderful weekend.


Rhiannon said...

great pics once again! i love the braids! camping is not camping without them

megan said...

Angi, I love, love and am in love with your pics!

turleybenson said...

I'm so glad we beguiled you to come! We like you people.