Saturday, June 28, 2008

Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

Of course one can't visit Sharon Vermont without visiting the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial...this because the town consists of little more than a gas station and country store. On our way to the Visitor's Center it began raining as it had several times during our camping trip, but by the time we arrived the rain was coming down so hard we had to run so as not to be completely soaked. The rain deterred every other sane person so we were treated to a personal tour of the center and surrounding area.
The rain came down.
The rain stopped by the time we were finished with the tour of the Visitor's Center and the trees and grass looked so vibrant! The birds were singing and the sky turned a brilliant blue, it was as my friend S said a "Sacred Grove-type Moment"

Here we are in front of the Monument

In the Visitor's Center we heard the amazing story of how this monument came to be here are the highlights:
381/2 feet tall (one foot for every Year of Joseph Smith's life)
One of the largest solid pieces of polished granite in the world
Took 33 days, oxen and 22 horses to move the granite 5 1/2 miles
Shaft: 40 tons
Base: 60 tons
Dedicated: December 23, 1905

Addi sitting on the front step stone of the Smith Family Home.

Smith Family Hearthstone

View of the Monument from the Visitor's Center

*We were also taken on a fun golf cart tour of the surrounding area where we saw the surviving foundations of the Mack home and the home of Lucy's Uncle. We also saw a local creature that likes to come out during the not an earthworm a newt!


Rhiannon said...

man i loved when i visited all those places. we need to head back there some year.. and i love addi's hair!!