Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things That Hold Still

We went to Vermont this weekend for the ward camp-out (more details will follow) where I tried to practice my photography. Like many things, I want to be an instant pro at photography and I am struggling to find the patience to put in the work it takes to get good. This weekend I found it best to keep my camera literally strapped to my body at all times (looking like a bedraggled tourist I'm sure) and just snap anything that caught my eye, I found my best shots came from things that held still. As you may guess from the pictures it rained a lot.


Mr. Newt

Heart-shaped leaf

Lone Bud

"The Old Stone Bridge"
This is an actual stone bridge constructed in the 1700's near Joseph Smith's birthplace in Sharon, Vermont. The grooves from passing wagon wheels are still visible in the rocks.


SLP said...

I think your pictures rock!

Meg said...

These are fantastic. I love them. You are really good. Do you do any altering on the computer? I really envy people with photo-talent. It is one that I, too, desperately want, but unlike you, all of my pictures look like they were taken on a ship's deck with a disposable camera. I cannot hold still. I also have a bad habit of taking my camera places and then never using it. Hmmm. I LOVE yours. More please! I love looking at beautiful things.

megan said...

ooooohh! Angi, these are sweet shots. I didn't get that many great ones from the weekend. Maybe I should try and become a tourist also. Always inspiring, that Angi Wood.

Nicole said...

Wow! You are full of hobbies. I hope you recognize that you accomplish so much in one day. Lucky you....I would love to see still life pics from your realm. IE in your apartment and street block. I love nature, but I love to see exactly where you thrive everyday.