Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friends At Camp

When asked what her favorite part of Camping was Addi immediately and emphatically replied, "Playing with my friends, playing with my friends, PLAYING WITH MY FRIENDS!"
Pictures to prove it:
Toby, Addi and Ben getting cozy by the fire.

the "gang"

Addi found a new (and very patient) friend, MB was a good sport pretending to ride horses with her.

Addi and Hazel, self-proclaimed best friends chat on the lawn. I would love to be in on the conversation, they always speak so maturely to each other.

Luckily they are not too wrapped up in pretending to be grown-up to enjoy the delights of childhood.

Climbing trees is childhood at its best!


Meg said...

That looks awesome. Addi is so cute in her braids. The trees were made for climbing, you are right.