Thursday, July 17, 2008

The kids loved to watch the splashing wake the boat made...
I believe they were also watching for sharks.

Land Ho!!

We ended the day with our second trip in as many days to the Esplanade to see the fireworks. We got spots on the other side of the Charles, where they piped in the music from the concert. Besides the fireworks getting home was the most eventful eventful that we're pretending it didn't happen. We didn't get home until almost 2am and we got up the next morning at 7 to move into our new apartment.

Who would guess that this innocent face would soon cruelly trick the overtly Mormon Mormons.
See below for the whole story.

The fireworks were pretty sweet.
Too bad I found the "perfect spot" right behind the trees.

*I really did feel terrible about the whole thing for a while but then I got over's how it went. As we were merrily talking with our friends on the blanket waiting for the fireworks to begin someone noticed a large group of people near us that seemed "peculiar" if you get my drift. First we noticed the chorus line of arm-in-arm swaying to the music, then there was the swing dancing in the middle of the road, the staggering number of children (comparative to typical East Coast families), and then finally someone noticed a little girl proudly wearing her BYU t-shirt. You could tell that they were trying to attract attention while pretending that this is just their everyday "joyful" behavior. So we started joking about how funny it would be if someone went up to them and told them that there was something different about them...a light in their eyes, etc. We joked about it the entire night and then finally after the fireworks were over Todd (yes I'm using your name) said this is the last chance to talk to these people. SO being the apparent idiot that I am, I went over to them with my friend Ashley for support and we started up a conversation. I dropped in all of the shining eyes, and "how many kids do you have!!" stuff without being too overt while playing dumb about Mormons, it started to go south when I told them I didn't know what a stake was (that was my big lie) so my friend and I high-tailed it out of there quickly and when we re-told the story T told me I had sealed my damnation by denying the stake...which may be true, but in the end I feel like I gave those people a gift!! Testimony meetings from here to Utah are going to be full of those mothers saying how proud they were of their children who shone brighter than the fireworks that 4th of July.
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Meg said...

This is the funniest thing that I have read in a LOOOONG time. That is so awesome. I love it. That is so funny. I especially liked the testimony meeting anticipation. 'Our children shone brighter than the fireworks on the fourth of July' that is classic. I also love that swing dancing is associated with our religion. Did they, perhaps, also try to worm you into some fantastic pyramid scheme involving Tahitian juice or cutlery?

Ashley said...

Angi, what you missed while in NY was me using this story as the intro to my talk last Sunday. Don't worry no names were involved. But now that you've blogged about it....I love being your friend...never a dull moment.