Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life at No. 9

We are finally getting settled in our new house (No. 9) we are the first floor with our friends and neighbors Taylor, Stacy and Theo upstairs.
After 2 weeks of un-packing and organizing and I thought I'd share some pictures.
Addi on the front porch...which I am absolutely thrilled to have after being in apartments for so long.

Living room view from entry (not pictured because it isn't organized yet)
The floors are to die for!

Dining/Play Room...

Mostly Play Room

Awesome built-in hutch

Bright Kitchen with a bar big enough to serve meals on!

Bathroom (that's our cleaning lady)

Addi and Theo's room with her new favorite game, memory, spread out and ready to play.

Backyard smallish though it may be is heaven! We haven't had a yard for years!!

Top 10 things I LOVE about our new place:
10. water pressure (like air, it's no big deal unless you don't have it)
9. only 5 stairs to the front door! (unlike the 3 flights we've been used to)
8. quiet street (no construction or tow trucks!)
7. the hutch...I love it, even though I don't have much to display
6. YARD! totally fenced in. I'm including the 2 huge porches and the large paved bike-riding area (also fenced)
5. have no idea unless you've done without one.
4. working fireplace, so cute and cozy I almost can't wait for winter...I said almost.
3. The gorgeous hard wood floors
2. sweet neighbors
1. feels like home
*conspicuously absent from the photos is our room, it has become the place for things thus far without a place but it has a huge closet and plenty of room for the bed...we were worried for a minute there.


Meg said...

Yeah for hutches, Ikea, and French speaking skills! You are hilarious. I love your house, too. I love the apron display center. So cute.

Anonymous said...

AH! What a georgous home! I am so excited that Ash gave me your blogspot address. It's been way too long, and it's going to be fun to see what you guys are up to! We have a blog as well. We just made it private so I need your email to add you. How in the world are you guys and what are your plans for the next while? Boston? Utah? Do I get to vote?
It looks like you're doing well!

Much love,

Cousin Jessica :>

Rhiannon said...

it looks so nice! i still want to see pics of the things you left out. i especially love the porch! i hope you guys tun into porch sitters. Ryan always makes fun of me for how much time i spend on our balcony, but how can you not? it's so enjoyable.

bostonshumways said...

So glad you're all moved in. I can't wait to come see it in person. I get back tuesday night and we're dying to see you. Hazel has been going through major Adi withdrawal....and of course Charlie misses Randal....and I miss you!