Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swimming Graduation

I taught a little swimming class for the month of June for a few of Addi's friends. Everyone improved a lot, to tell you the truth I was a little surprised that they did so well. I hope they all had a fun time even though the water and weather were very cool at times. Addi loved it but had a hard time not taking over the class...unfortunately I think I know where she got that.

The Graduates
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megan said...

Oh, our little swimmers! Thanks coach. Landon is now a fish thanks to your expertise.

Rhiannon said...

my oh my! is there anything you don't do???
joy school, ballet, sewing how-to's & now THIS!!!
you are unstoppable marry poppins! unstoppable i tell ya!

Ashley said...

I'm glad Ben held his lower than the other 3, he didn't really deserve it.I know, I'm a mean Mom.