Sunday, August 17, 2008

Odds n' Ends

Addi is so happy to be re-united with her best gal pal Hazel after over a month!
We know she had a great time on vacation but we're so glad to have her back.

Addi has developed a mischevious habit of getting gum from my bag or the car and stuffing as much of it in her mouth as she can before I catch her. And when I do catch her, this is the face I get...STINKER!

Addi loves to play "home" (house) usually she is the mom and I am "burned up" with a fever and she has to nurse me back to health.
On this day we went to the "car park" where she (Mom) drove around picking up and dropping off pretend babies at the hospital or the gas station. She's a busy Mom!
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Rhiannon said...

that is so cute! she is really growing up. i can't believe it. hopefully we will see you guys before she reaches her tweens!