Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Life in general is hectic but there are few times when the forces of nature seemingly combine together against you, throwing you into a spiraling vortex of terror as you suddenly find yourself at the mercy of...the perfect storm.....

I was lucky enough to experience one such day this week. It was a case where I agreed to watch my friends kids and last minute there was a day change and I found myself on Wednesday morning with 5 children under the age of 3.

(I would have canceled on people if Randall hadn't been home to help me)

It started out pretty well sweet potato waffles all around and they were out in the back yard playing, but our yard got really small really fast.

So we decided to pack up all 5 little dumplings and put them in the mini-van the Shumway's graciously left for us and head for the park.
(5 car seats in a mini-van you ask? can be done)

Everyone had a great time at the park and we were feeling pretty good, aside from one scraped chin. At this point Randall wanted to buy a mini-van and have quadruplets...but not for long.

Lunch then naps right? WRONG! none of the "babies" were going down, they probably didn't want to miss the excitement so we packed up 2 double strollers and headed to the playground just down the street. All was going well until....

Poor Hazel ran to me in distress, she said she needed to go to the bathroom NOW! So I rushed her to the nearest cluster of bushes (when you gotta go you gotta go right?) but we were too late, and I'm not sure it would have helped anyhow.

I blame either the people who fed her and Charlie the day before or their uncle who loaded them down with junk the night before but this girl had diarrhea!

I put her on the standing part of the stroller and was on my way when Randall tracked me down and said that Charlie had to go too. GREAT! I thought.

We got home and I put Hazel in the tub and Charlie on the toilet. I can describe the whole scenario for you in one word

Charlie went a few times and Hazel stayed in the tub for about an hour getting out every 10 minutes or so to use the toilet.

Randall came back with the other 3 shortly and Addi took up vigil at the side of the tub.
It was really sweet actually, I tried to get her to leave so that Hazel could suffer in private but Hazel said she wanted Addi to stay and talk to her...moral support

I finally got the "babies" and Charlie to sleep and turned on a movie for Addi and Hazel

Everyone felt much better after naps and we played outside until the Moms and Dads came.

I'm still surprised that everyone (especially me) survived the day.

I definitely couldn't have done it without Randall!!! The human jungle gym.

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Meg said...

I know it isn't funny. I know that. Still, I couldn't keep in the laughter at the 'explosive' part. Poor kids. POOR YOU! You are a saint. I am glad that you had Randall there. Does he still want quads? I am sorry you had a hard day. At least it will make every other day seem easier.
I like your playlist. I like how you have 'the way i am' followed by 'the way i are' that is cool. Really, I liked that.
Your backyard looks fun. I am scared to take too many pictures of mine. Somewhat counter-intuitively, grass is not that nice here in Hawaii. said...

Wow! And Randall wants quadruplets huh? I think you guys are ready! :> It looks like you had a memorable time, to say the least. When are you coming out here... if anytime soon? We should get together when you do! You're too much fun.

Angi Wood said...

Cheers! you are the first person to notice my little joke. (the way i am/are)

And yes, Randall probably still wants quads.

TGP said...

Amazing, simply amazing work!

megan said...

Even funnier the second time hearing it and with pictures. Why are you superwoman?

Melissa said...

I am so glad I could be an direct contributor to the madness.