Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Pictures

It is not possible for me to not gush about the AWESOME photographer that took our family pictures.
The one and only Saydi did such an awesome job, that picking out just a few photos for the blog is just terrible, I feel like I'm not doing her justice to just show a few.
I'm so glad that she didn't think I was crazy when I was describing the urban almost deteriorated look I wanted. She is so artistic and she made them look SOOOOOO GOOD! I swear we are not this cute in real life...well Addi is.

Anyway, I'll be using these pictures for everything from Christmas Cards to birthday presents so watch out!

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megan said...

Wicked amazing!! You guys look soooo great. Where is this place anyway? Bravo Saydi!

Meg said...

I love these. What a great, creative idea. I want you to come up with a cool idea for my family pictures. Oh yeah, and can this Saydi lady come take mine too?

RYAN said...

i dont know what you are talking about... you are SO that cute all the time. both you and randall, and those of us that can see your hearts know that you are even SOOO much cuter in person! INVU 4 URAQT!!

bostonshumways said...

Thanks for the awesome photo shoot angi.....your model looks make the pictures look so darn cool.....and boy do I love that Addi.....oh, and Randal is most certainly Charlie's favorite guy.

danne said...

I LOVE your pictures Angi! You look HOT! What would we do without Saydi?