Monday, October 13, 2008

Topsfield Fair

"America's Oldest Fair" least that's what the stamp on my hand said.

We had a great time at the fair for our Friday Field Trip.
We petted many barnyard animals and watched racing pigs.
The comedian dairy farmer was...horrible! but the kids couldn't get enough so we endured.
We learned about bees and alpaca wool, went on two rides and shared a giant chocolate chip cookie on the way home.
All in all a great day especially for Addi coming out with a "barn buddy" ribbon for brushing a baby calf.

Watching a sheep being sheered
(yes that is Theo almost over the fence, that is a new little trick he's developing
he can almost climb the chain link fence in the park...not good for me.)

Addi looking suspiciously at the Alpacas...I don't think she's ever seen one before.

Merry-go-round...her favorite ride.

All aboard the last ride of the day.
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