Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joy School Rocks!

As most of you know this is mine and Addi's second year of Joy School, a cooperative pre-school where you don't learn as much about the alphabet and numbers (though it is taught) as much as you learn about...well joy. Finding Joy all around you and in everything you do...even sharing!
Addi loves Joy School and I think it is really good for her to learn not only the curriculum but interpersonal skills. She is as you know an only child and Joy School has been a good excersize in getting along with others in the event (fingers crossed) that another comes along.
Honestly Joy School is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I've done, and if you have kids the right age you should do it...it will put hair on your chest!

This was our Joy School Thanksgiving Dinner.


Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

So I just got finished with an eye exam about a month ago and I went to fill out the Rx for this one lady and her last name happened to be Kleinman. I asked, "Do you know an Angie (is it with or w/o the e...I'm a bad friend) Wood who used to be a Kleinman?" and she said, "Yes, that's my Granddaughter." I met your Grandma the other day. She was really nice and way cool. She talked all about you guys and I told her some stories about you she had never heard before. Thought I would let you know. Have fun!