Saturday, November 22, 2008


Warning: this is a boring "family journal" type post

Addi is full of questions and one that has been bothering her lately is how all of those people (dead, to be specific) get under the ground!

There are a lot of cemeteries near us and they are packed! I'm not kidding I swear some people have been buried standing up. We drive past them all the time and Addi wants to know what they're all about.

I decided long ago that when she asked me a question I was just going to tell her the truth so, that's what she gets.

I usually make it a humane death where the person is sick or someone who didn't put on their seat belt. Then I just tell her the whole thing; when someone dies their spirit leaves and we take the body to the mortuary where they are cleaned, dressed and put in a bed with a lid, then they take the body to the church where everyone says how much they loved the person and miss them but that they know they'll see them again. Then the strong guys carry the bed with a lid (closed now) to the hole that another strong guy dug and with a fancy machine they lower the casket gently, gently, gently (this is her favorite part) in the ground then they fill the hole back up with dirt and they put a stone on the top with they're name on it so we can find them later.

She doesn't seem freaked out and that was my goal, not to make death and cemeteries something scary.


ellen said...

Good answer from a good mom!

Rhiannon said...

I think that is really good! I remember when I was little & we drove passed a cemetery or a mortuary I use to always duck down in the car :) I guess I thought I was hiding from death. I have no clue what I knew about death at that age, but whatever it was it freaked me out! I think a yr later is when I went to my first funeral which just happened to be my mom's. So I LOVE that you are being so upfront with her & telling her the truth about death. I would have appreciated that kind of honesty at my young age.

The Hardys said...

Hey Angi!! This is Megan, I haven't talked to you in forever! I got your message about your blog from facebook and I've been meaning to tell you about our blog too but I'm such a slacker! I just need your email because its private but you can email me at and I'll add you... I wish it hasn't been so long since we've seen you guys! Addie is so adorable and Boston looks so great! Hope to hear from you soon, Megan