Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Serendipity: a happy surprise

As we were waiting in line at the Home Depot rental counter for coming up on an hour to rent a van to pick up our new (to us) chocolate velvet tufted couch, I noticed the unmistakable sound of a gaggle of woodpeckers at work, either that or the sound of dozens of children wielding hammers. My second guess was right. We just happened to be stuck at Home Depot during the Kid's project day (first Saturday of every month). They were making birdhouses and since Addi and I had nothing better to do while the only guy working the rental counter was giving his doctoral dissertation on the chainsaw to the guy trying to rent one, we thought we'd stop over and make a birdhouse while we waited. Some people may not know but I'm pretty handy with a hammer and a power drill so our birdhouse turned out pretty well I think.

nice form!

finished product...a house any bird would be proud to call home.


megan said...

Good memories for me!! Landon's first date with Toby (age 2) was at Home Depot. They made fire trucks. Look'n good Addi!

ellen said...

Very cool. I've heard about those Home Depot kids classes.

SLP said...

Very sweet! I love it!