Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Mom

My Mom was here this week and we had the most incredible time. Museums, parks, shopping and just hanging out at home and popping popcorn. She also became Nanny McGranny when Addi was having a hard time coping after she quit sucking her thumb. It was great! Like I said, we did lots of fun stuff but I just decided to post a few pictures I took of Addi and Grandma together. And if you make it to the end there are fun facts about my totally cool Mom.

My mom is 48 and still does backflips on the trampoline

She has 13 kids (not including all of the foster, exchange, family members and other children that have passed through, and still pass through her house)

She was the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Day's Queen

She was a freestyle skiier (those are the ones that do flips)

She is an awesome photographer

She developed and runs her own summer camp for kids

There are lots of other cool things about her and I'm glad she's my Mom.


megan said...

What the?! How did I miss your mom? I'm very upset with you, missy.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I still love your mom. Make sure the next time you're in Utah you get footage of her backflip!

Rhiannon said...

HA! mom looks great in Boston, maybe a costal move should be in order..
we need to go out there some time, it has been like eight years since i've been there.


Casey said...

Your mom is such a wonderful lady! I didn't know she could still do backflips! That is pretty impressive!