Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

Addi is the Big number 4!! My friend was the photographer so this video is all I have for now. And yes, you may notice that Addi's dress matches the table cloth, I had a lot of that you can see.


Meg said...

Oh my goodness you whipped up that dress in a jiffy! It is so cute. Can I request more detailed shots? I love that you did a table cloth, that is so so perfect and you can use it every year.

Rhiannon said...

First of all... i must sincerely apologize for forgetting Addi's birthday :(
My calendar didn't come till yesterday, so yes, i truly did forget & I am deeply sorry!
Second, I love that cupcake tower! That is so perfect for a Birthday Party! Very elegant looking for cupcakes. I love it.
And of course, your dress & table cloth are amazing!

Dahl House said...

Addi is so dang cute! I love that even though she is slightly embarrassed about the stinkin' candle not going out blow after blow she doesn't give up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDI!!!!