Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ni Hao


We invited some friends over for a sweet Chinese New Year Dinner. Everyone had a great time saying the only Chinese phrase anyone knew (ni hao = hello) and Tadd working "beat boxer" into the conversation anywhere he could...adjective, name it.

Here is "Z" raising the roof near the zodiac garland where everyone figured out what sign they were.

Randall: dragon Angi and Addi: surprise there.

Miss "Z" is super cool, she's my go-to gal when I need someone to pick up Addi from Sunbeams while I'm finishing up and she has an infectious smile, when she walked in the house she said, "This is going to be AWESOME!!!" ...and indeed it was!

The food was great, (thanks to Stacey and Trader Joe's)

And We learned that according to the Chinese oranges are lucky.

ni hao, beat boxer!

Addi insisted on wearing her party dress...of course.

Theo, playing with Addi's cool shades

After dinner we made Chinese yo-yos out of wooden dowels and wrapping paper. They were pretty sweet!

"G" all wrapped up

I just have to tell you about this cool kid for a second. He is definitely all boy but when Addi asked him to play house with her he nicely obliged...what a cool kid. And anyone who will play house is an immediate favorite of Addi's.

Julie, showing off her yo-yo for the kids.

Everyone left with a red envelope filled with chocolate coins.


Meg said...

I want that party.

Ashley said...

Ok, tell little miss drew barrymore that she's creepin me out with how much she looks like my friend's kid in that picture. Nice party Angi!

Rhiannon said...

How fun!!! I wish I could have gone to that party!

megan said...

man, you have the best parties.