Sunday, February 1, 2009

Addi & Theo

I think most everyone knows about Theo, but sometimes I'm surprised by my brother who only put it together last week. So, to clarify, Theo is a little boy I watch during the week. Lately he and Addi have started interacting more. They used to just ignore eachother and lead paralell lives but since Theo has started talking a lot more Addi has accepted him into the realm of english (as opposed to baby) speakers.
They still have their tussles but I often find them talking sweetly to eachother and if one has offended the other they'll hug after they make up. Also, Theo appreciates a kiss, but beware, Theo is an open mouthed lip kisser!


Rhiannon said...

I love the last pic. That is so sweet!
(I hope the brother that just figured out who Theo was, wasn't Ryan! We have talked about what you do many times. He never can remember his name, but please tell me that was NOT Ryan!)