Tuesday, March 17, 2009


New England Aquarium
My friend EP procured a free pass to the aquarium in such a way that she felt guilty about using it, so I told her that I had no problem using it if giving it to me would help her conscience.
So yesterday we struck out on our aquatic adventure.

The first thing to see were the penguins the aquarium is kind of build around this exhibit and Addi had to see these guys at every 'lookout point' and from every angle. I finally discovered what sound a penguin makes and let me tell you it isn't pleasent...it resembles a donkey without the 'hee'

In the big center tank Addi was always on the lookout for sharks and quite a few came by.

Also Myrtle the giant turtle came up...

and waved hello.

This was a very interesting fish...Addi is getting a closer look.

This tank was a favorite Dori and Nemo live in this one.

getting up close and personal

From the moment we walked in Addi wanted to see the sea horses. We searched high and low and finally near the end we found them. He's hard to see but he's hanging onto a clump of grass in the centerish of the tank.

Taking on the jellies.

We took the train home and any day you take the train is a good day.


Dahl House said...

Waaaaaaaay fun! Addi you are super brave to pet the living creatures!