Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ruth and Coco Keys

I'm trying to do a little catch-up of this weekend. We got together with 10 families and rented rooms at a hotel that is attached to an indoor water park...COCO KEYS!!! We had been anticipating this getaway for a while and Addi was so excited when the day finally came. What we didn't realize was that it was the same night of Randall's Law Day Barrister Ball (basically you're law school prom). But in the spirit of my friend Ashley's "communal living" idea we left Addi with whoever was there (we did make specific sleeping arrangements) and headed out. It was fun to dress up and go out. The keynote speaker was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. While I don't agree with her almost all of the time I was very impressed by her. She was so lady like and gracious but her talk was just wonderful. She just shared the behind-the-scenes of the Supreme Court stuff that you would never know about otherwise. Like the congenial relationship that the justices have with each other and that on someone's birthday her husband usually bakes the cake and Justice Scalia leads the singing because he is the best at carrying a tune.
We left before the dancing, mostly because I didn't want to show anyone up but also because we needed to rest up for a full day of sliding, swimming and relaxing.
When we stepped out of the elevator though there was a huge group of people just sitting around the doors, it took a second before we recognized them as "our people" we put Addi down, changed and joined the group. That was probably my favorite part...but if Zoe is reading this then my favorite part was going down the tube slides 89 times until my quads were burning climbing up all those stairs.
Zoe was so nice to hang out with Addi for much of the time, she is a huge fan and I couldn't ask for a better girl for Addi to look up to.

girl talk

fish face

(you could not get this girl off the slides...she was going crazy!)

Lazy River


Dahl House said...

I didn't know you were having your Ball the same time as Coco Keys! I want to see your cocktail dress, pitures! pictures! pictures!

Rhiannon said...

That looks really fun, but I was really hoping to see pictures of you guys all dressed up. Please tell me you got some pictures of that!