Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Pond for all Seasons

Addi has been begging to go ice skating and we keep telling her we'll go and then something will come up. Finally this week the stars aligned for her and we met Randall at his school and walked the block to the Boston Common where the frog pond has undergone a make-over from swimming pond to ice rink.
As in other things Addi was a determined skater, this was her first time and she wanted to get it right. She wanted to "go fast!" right off the bat but found out that it was a little harder than it looked.
She worked and worked for a long time and got pretty good, by the end she could do about 5 skates alone before she would hold on to the side for balance.

After ice skating we had enough time on our parking meter for a quick go around the play ground.


Rhiannon said...

That looks so fun! & like always, those are really cute pics!

Dahl House said...

That looks like so much fun! Addi you are an awesome skater! You are too cute Addi.

RYAN said...

Ha ha ha, thats so great! i cant help but git-a-little-giddy inside when i read your posts.