Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing Up

Addi can't wait to grow up she wants to learn and do everything RIGHT NOW!! and with her determined spirit she accomplishes much more than I ever thought she could. Her most recent accomplishment is doing her own hair. She's been able to do clips for a while but she has just mastered the pony tail and the "messy bun" and with the bow tying she just learned her new favorite game is beauty shop...luckily I have a very hard head, I like the pulling actually. Here she is doing the dishes with her apron on (the job she feels the most important doing) and showing off her hair do.

Skills she has accomplished: (in no particular order)


snapping (fingers)

tying shoes...bows of any variety

hair doing

open her own car door

jump roping (you can checkout the video on our YouTube channel)

Skills she hopes to master soon:



using sharp knives



Dahl House said...

I am only slightly hoping that her driving wont be on the fast track like the rest of her skills, or she just might be driving when she's 12

Rhiannon said...

HAHAHA! That is cute/funny/sad... I have mixed feelings about it. I swear she isn't old enough to start doing such grown-up things. Maybe if I saw her more than once a yr. I wouldn't feel so emotional about it?