Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here we are now.
And next fall we could be here....or not.
It is strange how hard this decision has been for us; marriage, children, graduate school, paper or plastic all of these decisions have come so easily and this one might very possibly kill us.
We have done so much research we could write a dissertation on each city but we can not decide where to go. The problem is no city is a clear winner in any category; program quality, our cost of living, city coolness, basically comes out to 6 or 1/2 dozen.
So we turn to you, our 6 faithful readers to weigh in. Of course we will have to make our own decision but we'd like to know what you think. And if you live in either city tell us what is keeping you there.
*If you are a random 7th reader and don't know what's going on, Randall is doing a one-year post graduate tax law program in either Boston (where we are now) or Seattle.


ellen said...

I vote for BOSTON because you are awesome and I don't want you to move. Our sewing club must live on! Give me a B! Give me an O! You know the rest. Stay in Boston!!!

disillusioned said...

Am I the 7th reader? I vote Boston. Seattle is just as expensive--but at least with Boston you "get" a whole lot more (east coast, or at least the potential of that with a train ride--while with Seattle you just get....lots of fish and rain). I'm an east coast already biased.

Thanks for letting me be a 7th reader :)

Randall's cuz Mary P.

Meg said...

I heart Seattle and then you would be closer to me, but I hate moving so I might vote stay just for that reason. Would you stay in the city you move to for a while or just for that year? r

Angi Wood said...

This is my sister Ashley's take on it:

Okay, this is a big one! You already know how I feel but, I am going to clear my brain (at least try) and put myself into your shoes....with my knowledge...that I don't have....

Boston Pro's:
1. you don't have to move
2. you get to keep your calling and be the greatest singing person and have the stake bow to you
3. good friends
4. butternut donuts
5. beaches

Boston Cons:
1. Crime (top city on the TODAY Show!)
2. working hard for your money
3. No summer
4. oil heat=$$$
5. Police are no help...they hurt you and your feelings
6. Flights to your "non vacation" arm and a leg = no real vacation
7. Driving/roads
8. crazy expensive montessori school

Seattle Pro's
1. fresh start
2. summer time does come
3. cheeper in the middle :) (Disneyland!)
4. Twilight (hahaha totally kidding!)
5. shopping
6. more visits from me!
7. possiblity of Montessori enrollment

Seattle Cons
1. moving
2. rain (better than frozen ice i.e. boston :) )
3. The Bloods and Crips ;)
4. warewolves
5. vampires

good luck with your decision!!

lambie-pie said...

I vote for here because I want to continue as your sewing buddy and for you to continue as my kids' singing buddy! However, I can be objective and see that there are downsides to Boston, mainly winter and the expense. Plus you are far away from family, and some of my other favorite things-like Disneyland! I know lots of people that love Seattle, although it is so gray there that would depress me. So basically, I'm no help at all! I'm pretty practical, so what it comes down to for me is, what is the best financial outcome resulting in the least debt. That would be the final deciding factor for me.
I also wanted to say that I was so impressed with the Easter dress- wow! Your sewing prowess amazes me!! Also, I love the skirt she's wearing to the preschool thing, I have some of that fabric too, hmmm...

Julie said...

I would go to Seattle. I love it there. Closer to family, amazing quilt shops. It would be really hard to leave Boston but I think I would for Seattle.

Rhiannon said...

I know I already told you what I thought over the phone, but I REALLY wanted to be the lucky #7 to leave a comment. You see, you DO have more than 6 readers!
Anyway, incase you forgot what I told you a few hours ago, my biased opinion is that you go to Seattle. That is DOUBLE the reason for me to go visit :) Also it will be much more mild than Boston.
It would be hard to uproot the great life you have in Boston, but it WOULD be a great adventure to come back to the west coast, (where the people are nicer :)

SLP said...

I want you to know that Lois called last night and she weighed in: BOSTON and she will even make a special trip out to give you some LOIS LOVE!