Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Week in Pictures

Addi wanted to start earning some cold hard cash, so we gave her some jobs to do for quarters.
After a while she'd saved up enough to go to the dollar store and purchase these fancy earrings that she feels like a "rock star" (her words) in.

Later, Addi was dying for some female company. So we had her friend Jordan over for a ladies tea party (note earrings) and they had a simply marvelous time.

On Friday we had a Joy School Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt
we started by decorating our hunting baskets, then while they dried we tucked in to a nice spread (no pictures...I was eating)

Then, outside to hunt for eggs and other treasures.

I think I found something...


The hunters
The Easter Bunny came on Saturday morning with legos and a sleeping bag and I didn't get pictures because...I'm lame

Blustry Easter Morning
We set out for church at 7:30am and it was COLD!! (I had to be there at 8:00 for choir rehersal before our 8:30 Church start time)

Please excuse my weird smile, I was having an underground zit take over my face...I'm hoping to be back to normal soon.


Meg said...

Sometimes I forget how beautiful you are. Really, model much?