Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adelaide's Lemonade

Addi has been DYING to have a lemonade stand. Ever since she was invited to help her friends Hazel and Charlie with their lemonade stand her entrepreneurial spirit has been ablaze. So finally, when we had our little yard sale we set up her little stand.

She sat out there for 3 hours promoting her lemonade and lollipops.
She came in with a cup full of cashes (dollar bills) and money (coins).
The first thing she did was separate out her tithing (unprompted, I'm proud to say) and the rest is in a plastic baggie just waiting for a trip to the dollar store.


Rhiannon said...

Awe! That is so cute! (her & the stand)

ellen said...

What's up with the cute lemonade stand?! Let me know when the next sale is and maybe I'll drop by with all my cashes.

Dahl House said...

GIVE, SAVE, SPEND...Addi you are on track to be a millionaire! Plus you are so dang cute in your lemonade stand, you should add kisses for $1 and you'll be even richer cause you'll have ALL the boys lined up for somethin' a little sweeter than that lemonade ;)