Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tall Ships

This last week in Boston they had a bunch of tall ships docked at different wharfs around the harbor. It was an organized thing, I think they sail to different ports around the world to show off these fancy ships but I'm not sure.

Anyway, Amy, Addi and I jumped on the train and headed on down to see what all the hubbub was about.

This is our very own Baroque Eagle manned by the US Coast Guard in Connecticut.

After waiting for probably a shorter time than it felt because of the heat and humidity we finally got to tour the ship.

They had these really cool coils of rope everywhere.
foul weather gear

Here we are aboard the "Eagle"
And yes, I too wish I could brush the computer screen and get that hair out of my face.

This handsome sailor offered to take our picture and then obliged while we had a little fun with him.
I asked if he felt like a side-show but he said this was probably as close to being a celebrity as he'd get...nice guy.

Addi left with a Sailor's Tattoo and a souvenir coin.

Then we jumped on the ferry (and by jumped I mean waited in yet another long line to get on) and went across the harbor to Quincy Market where we treated ourselves to lunch, ice cream and street performers.

PS: Then on Monday we were at the beach and we saw all of the ships leaving the harbor it looked like either Columbus and his entorage or pirates...we like the pirate idea better.


Dahl House said...

You guys have all the fun! Nothing is in our local harbor but duck poo. I am super jelous of Addi's tat...some hot sailor probably gave it to her...lucky lady!