Monday, July 27, 2009

Sight-Seeing = Pictures Of Us In Front Of Stuff

Lower Manhattan

Taken from the Staten Island Ferry on our way to see this gal...

The Statue of Liberty
Surprisingly small in real life.

Addi on the Ferry
(I tried to get her and Miss Liberty in the same shot but it wasn't working out)

Here she is on wall street and I think this is the last smile you'll see.

Wall Street

Ground Zero...under construction.

Trinity Church

Purl Patchwork in SoHo....AWESOME!!!
For those who don't know (if any) it is a fabric shop with only the most fabulous fabrics.
I told Randall that fabric would be my souvenir...and he wasn't there to stop me.

Times Square

New York hot dog!

At the suggestion of my friend, I left Addi with her and Amy and I went back to Times Square and entered a couple lotteries to get into a show for cheap. We tried West Side Story but didn't get picked but I was the first one picked for 9 to 5 the Musical it was AWESOME!!!

The cast was amazing and I was so glad to see Allison Janney as the lead. She's another 6-footer, us tall gals have to look out for each other! Even Amy (not a Broadway lover) was laughing and having a great time. This show made the trip for me!

Then to top it off Todd treated us to Pinkberry frozen yogurt. By far the best frozen yogurt I've ever had!

Thanks Harris' for such an awesome time, you're the best!


Dahl House said...

I totally wish I was there with you girlies! I am so jealous, so much fun was happening without me! And of course, Addi you stole those shots! You look fantastic with all you model poses, I think Tyra may be coming to you for those hand/face covering shots! Very.....mysterious.

Rhiannon said...

Fun! I love the shot of the city you got. It looks like a postcard.

M, S + k said...

Looks like a great trip! Great pics, Addi is so stylish in the Big Apple.