Monday, July 27, 2009

Manhattan Temple

On our way to the Temple.
I know I just posted a similar picture but I thought it was so cute of her just riding that bike down the sidewalks. However, it did get a little dodgy there after a while, they were trying to go around people but were actually mowing them down.

It was amazing to see the Angel Moroni up there in the midst of the other buildings.

We couldn't go inside past the lobby (obviously) but here we are posing with the shrubbery outside.


Dahl House said...

It is amazing to see all the different temples and how they are integrated so well into their surroundings, and the cities.

GFM Boston said...

I love all the pictures. I wish we would have made it to New York before we came out here. It will be so fun to see you when you pass through. I can't wait to hear about your fun adventure today. My dad was so excited for you. Hope all is going well getting ready to move.