Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plimoth Plantation

Free Friday!!
They were having some promotion so this Friday was free at the Plantation...which is no small thing. Tickets are over $20 per person. We got there early and visited the 2 villages (Indian and Colonial) and made it out in time for lunch.
I think this was Addi's favorite part of the whole thing. This is the Indian village where the women and a little girl (she was very excited to see someone her size) were cooking a fresh fish over a fire (you can see it in the bottom corner) and sewing moccasins.

Thatched roof in the Colonial village

Addi didn't like going into the houses or huts but she would stand in the doorway and look in.
Here goaty, goaty, goaty...


Meg said...

That looks fun. Cute dress, Addi. I love your pictures, Angi. You have a little money maker on your hands, I think. Watch out ANTM, here comes Addi.