Sunday, August 9, 2009

She's a Fish

I know I've posted a lot of swimming pictures but that's about all we've done lately. And it is very rare to even get a picture with her head out of the water. These first pictures are from the frog pond downtown. We didn't have a car this day so we took a bus and the train to get there...we had quite an adventurous day.
At a splash park near Harvard.

And yes, we do have our Dad back. After studying for and taking the Bar we've got him all to ourselves until his LLM program starts in the fall...of course we'll be moving across the country during that time but we're still enjoying all of this "daddy-daughter time" as Addi is pleased to call it.


Meg said...

Cute pics, cute girl, cute dad. So fun. I am glad that you are taking advantage of your last weeks there to do lots of fun things.