Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Photos

Saydi Shumway is basically awesome in every way and on top of it all she takes a mean family photo. She is creative and adventurous and she doesn't make fun of me for my weird ideas/props. We took these at the beach on Cape Ann. I will warn you though she takes so many good pictures that it is impossible to narrow them down. So you're in for more Wood Family photos than you probably care to see.

One more thing, this was not as fresh and fancy free as we were trying to make it look. We were being eaten alive by bugs and they were getting caught in our teeth when we smiled and sticking to our sweaty faces...very glamorous.


ellen said...

They're all AWESOME!!!

Sweeney Household said...

Love the photos. Have I mentioned that I miss you in primary yet? ;)

Rhiannon said...

You are WAY to creative for me! I want to copy ALL of your family picture ideas! LOVE the umbrellas!