Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry I Asked

Randall started his classes today and they are all at night so Addi and I have all kinds of Mommy-Daughter time. Tonight I asked her how she would describe me if I was lost she said:

She has brown hair, green eyes and beautiful.....golden....teeth.


Meg said...

Crest white strips anyone? Just kidding. That is hilarious. I am so asking Lily this tomorrow. I wonder if she will understand the question or just get too hung up on the fact that I might get lost.

security word: wived.

Wived. To be sold into marriage if female.

ellen said...

golden is better than wooden!

Rhiannon said...

HAHAHA! Sure I've busted some stitches by now. That is hilarious!

Meg said...

Okay, I asked Lily. I had to first explain to her that if she gets lost in a store then she has to go to someone who works there and blah blah blah. ANyway, I asked her:

Me: "what would you say to tell the worker what I look like so he can find me?"
Lily: "That you have brown brown brown hair. . ."
Me: "And?"
Lily: "and can we do that now?"
Me: "Do what? Get you lost?"
Lily: "Yeah, can we do that now?"

Me (in my head): Don't tempt me lady.

kristopher kleinman said...

nice! that is funny. hope you guys are doing good in washington

M, S + k said...

We do miss Addi...she's made quite an impression on K. We miss you all!

Kazoo, Buzz, & Little Ez said...

That is hilarious! And, Ang, you have beautiful, white teeth!

Lizzy said...