Friday, October 16, 2009

Kleinman Family Reunion '09

We finally made it to Utah where we spent a week visiting family. Snuggling with Grandma is by far Addi's favorite part of Utah.

Second only to playing with her cousins and aunts...they're all around the same ages so it can get confusing...Addi loves all the extra love and attention she doesn't usually get.

We have a family reunion every summer and I'm the boss of it...go figure. This year our main theme was volleyball. We played almost constantly. We did have our opening devotional/lesson and a 6 hour service project for Grandmother but other than that we were either eating or playing some serious Volleyball.

Choosing Teams
eenie meenie has always worked for us

Luckily my mom has a backyard fully equipped for a reunion we have the play area (not pictured) including trampoline, teeter totter, swings, slide, tire swing, play house, sand box that can entertain the chilren while their parents are playing on the volleyball court with drinking fountain. Then we have the camping area with fire pit, tent and 2 cabins (also not pictured). It's better than the KOA!!

Weenie Roast
Pancake Breakfast

Here's my little nephew that I met for the first time...don't you just want to chew on those cheeks!

After quizzing Saydi on what probably seemed to her to be an endless car ride I got some great reunion ideas. One that we really loved was compiling everyone's favorite songs and putting them on CD's (it took 2). We played a game to try and guess who's song was whose. This is Addi trying to hold in her excitedment when her song came on...somebody call 911! (fire burnin')
We must have listened to that song too much because some of the little girls took it literally, the police ended up at my Mom's house 3 times because somebody called 911.

Being the boss of the reunion is not all glamor and glory...actually, there's no glamor or glory at all.


Ashley said...

Hahaha you know you can never retire of being "The Boss" at the reunion, that was the stewardship that came with being the first born. It is ALWAYS so much fun when you guys come into town, all the love is rekindled throughout the entire family when you guys show up. You just have that sparkle in your countenance...sweet spirits..

Rhiannon said...

AMAZING PICTURES!!! How did you do that?

SLP said...

You are a WOMAN in charge!
Love all of the photos and loving Lightbox. I meant to comment on all of your cross country adventures too - but I will summarize it here: Addi is too cute for words with her binoculars!
Missing you,