Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the Shop

I just put these up in my shop this morning. They're both about the same size (5-8) This is kind of a test to see if people like them or not. Everyone has different tastes you know and I could be totally out there.


ellen said...

I love the red/white one. And I love your banner!!

Rhiannon said...

Those are so cute! I also love the red & white one. Too bad Maeva isn't big enough for one. I would totally buy one if she was!

Meg said...

These are adorable! Would you be interested in selling some stuff in my cousin's webstore? I have been making a few things for her. I could show her these skirts and I am sure she would want to sell them. . .you could still put them in your etsy shop. Anyway, I love them. And happy birthday tomorrow. I didn't send your gift yet because I be lazy. I will send it when I get home from the happiest place on earth. Have a great one!