Sunday, February 28, 2010

You've Had a Birthday Shout Hooray!

The plans for this birthday started way back at Christmas.
Addi really wanted an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, unfortunately Santa couldn't swing that soooo he sent a box cake and a container of frosting to use in the REAL oven!
Addi was a little disappointed but she began hatching plans about when the best time would be to use the cake mix. She decided that Dad's birthday would be the best and she would make it herself.
And the day finally came!
Since Randall has a crazy school schedule, he doesn't get out of class until after she's asleep so we decided to celebrate his birthday today. (The 2nd is the real day)
She made the cake with only a little assistance and decorated it completely by herself.
You'll notice there are 3 single candles and one "4" candle, obviously=34.


Rhiannon said...

Awe! I love it!

Ashley said...

Addi, you are a fabulous baker! The decorating should be featured on Ace of Cakes! Happy Birthday TOMORROW Randall!

SLP said...

Happy Birthday Randall!!