Saturday, May 8, 2010

All Dressed Up

This is a little late but here is Addi in her Easter dress.
I was going to post it sooner but there were many forces at work against me.
-Non-rainy Sunday's (days) are hard to come by in Seattle this time of year
-If you do get one, chances are she's chosen another dress
-If by chance it is NOT raining and she HAS chosen this dress, then we certainly haven't allotted ourselves "photo shoot" time before 9:00am church
So this Sunday may have been a miracle...probably not... but I got the pictures!
She does love to bow in a gown.

I even made the headband...I know...I've outdone myself.

Then a week or so ago I made a couple of dresses for the 11 Stake Church Formal.
They wanted 50's...I did my best.

I only got a picture of Miss J...
I have to say, the awesome belt we got at the D.I. totally makes it.


Rhiannon said...

Love your sewing skills!!! (And Addi's poses) I wish I had some...

Meg said...

Beautiful. I love it. How you accomplish so much is amazing to me. I love Addi's gown. It is fantastic. So is the little lady inside it.