Saturday, May 8, 2010

She Grew Up Today

Do you ever look at your kid(s) and think, "Did you just grow up overnight?"
I don't mean that I feel like she was just an infant last night, but that her 5 year plus 125-day self looks alarmingly more grown up than her 5 year plus-124 day self.
I don't know it might be just me.
Here we are on the way to the library.
I could swear she just grew up today.


Ashley said...

HOLY COW! That last picture shows it all! She looks like she could be 16 tomorrow, she is definitely growing! Slow down Addi!

Rhiannon said...

SO cute! And yes, very grown up! She grows too fast when we don't get to see her regularly!

babalisme said...

Yes, I thought I was having a baby at one time, and then I blogged a post, I turned around and the baby was walking and talking.... Can we ever stop them??

SLP said...

All grown up and luckily, no place to go but home!
Yes, she looks like she is ready to start kindergarten :)