Monday, May 17, 2010

Anything is Better than Nasty Fingernails

My sister was grossed out about the fingernails on that hitch hiker.
So I'm posting our fancy painted faces from Gabi's birthday party.

Addi is a swan butterfly.

P.S. For the few concerned for our safety we really didn't hitch hike, we just hitched a ride with our good friends. It was an adventure! With numerous pit stops, 1 speeding ticket and driving down the road with the back of the car open, to name a few high points.


Rhiannon said...

beautiful ladies!

Shelli said...

it was just a little good rich farm dirt

Natalie said...

That really is fancy paint! You two are beauties!

I've been checking daily to see if you made it; I'm relieved that you knew the host car. And this is normally where I would insert a long monologue on always having a gun near your person.

ellen said...

You Wood Chips are always living on the edge!

Sweeney Household said...

Nice - love the face paint! I am one of those tacky blog followers who is making a comment on a previous post... But, those fairy tale dolls you made are seriously the cutest dolls I've ever seen. You ought to go into business for yourself Angi. Really. I'd buy them. Amazing Angi.