Friday, May 28, 2010

New Skirt

I've had this skirt in my head for a while and I finally sewed it up.
I love it! It hides imperfections and looks good doing it.
P.S. Those fabulous shoes were $4 at The House of D.I.


ellen said...

It's very cool!! Look at you making up skirt patterns!

Turbo said...

Nicely done!

Meg said...

You are hot. Shoes are hot. Skirt. . .SOOO HOT. I wish I had longer legs.

Rhiannon said...

Love it!

SLP said...

Shoes are killer too...House of DI - LOVE IT!
PS, Made potato salad and burgers for Memorial Day and ALL DAY I thought...hmm, I wish Randal were here to eat the leftover potato salad :)

Missing you dearly

Casey said...

I really like that one Ang. :)