Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-K Graduation

I have to say that this pre-school is exactly what Addi needed this year.
Moving to a new state and leaving old friends was hard, but her pre-school was a place that she could come 3 times a week and belong.
(She could 'belong' at church as well but for a while she was the only girl in her class and that was hard for her)
Her teacher was/is genuinely concerned for and excited about the growth and development of the children and families in this class.
It is a co-op, meaning I am there at least once a week and am involved in many things, including parenting classes where I have learned so much!
My favorite class was given by a neurologist who explained (among many other amazing things) that the research shows that the greatest indicator of success in children is a stable, loving home. This was his quote and I love it. He said:
"You want your kid to go to Harvard? then go home and love them."
Anyway, I love this pre-school and would recommend it to anyone but I'll get off my soap box and get on with the pictures.

On tap at the Graduation Party was homemade ice cream.

There were lots of fun, messy and crazy activities for the party.

Here is Addi receiving her commemorative book and baby snail.
(The class raised and observed an ever growing number of snails this year. They also took turns taking home the class pet snail "Bob" pictured behind and to the left of Addi)

Addi with her beloved Teacher Kathy.


Rhiannon said...

I'm going to have to tell Sam about this pre-school!