Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation...and the days leading up

We had this weekend scheduled pretty tight.

Thursday morning we left with our friends for Birch Bay.
They have one of those fancy condo things and invited us along.

We took the scenic route on highway 101 that runs along the coast. The views were amazing. Addi said from the back seat, "I am appreciating this scenery."

We stopped at a look-out and because I left my other lens in Utah all you get are shots of people.

That night we ate, went swimming, ate some more and played games after the children were in bed. It was just the perfect relaxing get-away.

The next day Randall's parents came into town and we hit some sights.
We went to the Space Needle.

As you see I got a little carried away with the photo shop but I think it makes Seattle look gritty..and grit makes everything look a little cooler...don't you agree?
Then we went to Pikes Market to look around and to attend a law school function at an amazing little french restaurant there.
Sunday was graduation.
Addi got to go up with Randall and receive her own mini diploma.
Randall with Addi and Grandma & Grandpa
We're done with school hooray! if only we had a job...
Seriously, if you know anyone who needs a tax attorney you send them our way.


Ashley said...

I don't know why, but I am crying...I am just so proud.

Rhiannon said...

Yay! Schools out FOREVER! I'm sure you guys will find a job soon enough. Sorry I don't have any leads for you. Once again, I don't know how you never run into sam, she did all the same stuff as you on Saturday... guess Seattle is a big place? :)

sia n shi said...

Aw, congrats! That is so exciting! Best of luck on the job search.