Sunday, June 6, 2010

Utah vol.1

It all started when my good friend Amy asked if I wanted a ride to Utah.
She was going down for a wedding and didn't want to drive alone.
I, of course, never turn down a road trip.

And so it was, 5 girls strapped in and hittin' the road...4 days ahead of schedule...we're spontaneous like that.

It was a long, crazy, fun, better than expected 14 hours later when we arrived.
My sister picked me up late that night (from Amy's in-laws) and that's when real party began.
First on the agenda was Gabi's Birthday.
We prepped everything, balloons, banners, 64 million cup cakes, gift bags...
And set it all up at Wine's Park in Lehi.
(Just around the corner from the Art's Center where my old Bridge's rehearsals were held)

We had a face painter.
(I already posted pictures of our painted faces.)

We also had a treasure hunt and a pinata

Here I am running the Treasure Hunt...I know it's not cute...I speak with enthusiasm. Sue me.

Ben and Ashley, my gracious hosts wanted to have this play set up in the back yard before we arrived, but because of our early arrival it wasn't ready.

They set it up (except for the extremities, swings, slide etc.) in the garage because it rained a lot that week.

Then, it was my privilege, along with Ben, Ashley and Justin (weighing less than 299 lbs combined) to move it from the garage to the back of the yard.

That thing is solid cedar, NOT LIGHT.

Our work was well worth it however. They were out there all day, everyday.

Later, we had a glorious day warm enough to run through the sprinklers...for a minute.

Then , sprint to the driveway to warm up.

For my money, the best part of running through the sprinklers.

Addi LOVES being with her cousins.

They love each other so much and don't spend nearly enough time together.

I also got reacquainted with my newest niece, Maeva.

I haven't seen here since she was 2 days she's crawling!

This scraggly bunch make up half of my brothers.
They're awesome.

I love being with my sisters/SIL's they are such fun people and awesome Mom's.
I'm pretty lucky to have these girls.

To Be Continued...


Natalie said...

Could you drive by Idaho next road trip, and fit me in? I'll even ride in the trunk, smashed between suitcases.

LOVE these pictures! You're fun AND gifted. And thanks for the Bridges shout out. LOL! Clappa yo' hands, slappa yo' thigh. Alleluia, Alleluia, everybody come along and join the jubilee....