Monday, July 19, 2010

Mysterious Benedict Society

I know these are children's books but I love them!
I was first attracted to the cover art and then to the title.
And the actual books (series of 3) did not disapoint.
I love the style of writing, it has a clipped, intelligent, clever, witty, sort of British feel.
(I'm a sucker for anything 'Anglo')
And what I love is that the author is an American living in Arkansas...ha!
I highly recommend these for you and the kids but beware...I bet you can't read just one.
P.S. If they come out with a movie don't you think I'd be perfect for Number 2?


Meg said...

Beautiful covers. I can't wait to read! Thanks for the recommendation. Here is one back at you:

The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio. It is a novel (not a kiddos book) about a mother making ends meet in the 50's. You will love it. I promise.

Meg said...

Correction: It is more of memoir than a novel. It is written by the woman's daughter.

Marianne said...

I read those books a few summers ago and I loved them! I thought they were a great parallel to life as we know it- chaos erupting from the media waves etc. They were great! I also loved a book called The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt. You might like it! I think you would be a great Number Two.

Sara said...

good to know! I love a good read!