Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Earning Our Keep

After 17 hours of this, we blearily arrived in the land of milk and honey.
We unpacked and started earning our keep.
Grandma and Grandpa have a huge garden and it's harvest time by golly.

Addi loves helping grandpa with the corn.
The best part is when he gets to the middle of the row and shouts "COMIN' OUT!"  Then he'll chuck the corn up and out into the potato patch.  Addi's job is to, well first to watch out and second to scurry around, gather up the corn and load it into the wheelbarrow.
(If you look close you can see the corn on it's way out)
Another one of my jobs is to keep the garden picked. 
This is one day's haul, and yes we get one of these 5 gallon buckets full almost every day.
We're having some pretty delicious dinners with all of this, I can tell you that for free.

What we don't eat we process. Here's a bit of  our corn production last night.


turleybenson said...

Awesome! You can make your own high fructose corn syrup!

Looks amazing. Seriously.

Rhiannon said...

Great pics! (Did Addi take the first picture?) That fresh produce looks so good, you lucky duck!

Natalie said...

Not many things are more beautiful than home grown veggies. Have you and Colie met up yet? That should be good. I'm sorry I'll miss it. Sing a little Bridges for me. Lucky ducks.

Nicole said...

My cell: (620) 755-6881

Just in case.

Sara said...


Oh, and I loved the high fructose comment. Made me giggle!

Hope you are enjoying all the bounty of Zion.

The Hardys said...

Mmmmm that all looks so good and fresh! We hope you guys are liking your new home in Utah!

Anonymous said...

That's some serious corn!!! 17 hours? Oye.

megan said...

Totally jealous.

Kirstin said...

Just catching up on blogs while I listen to my kids pretend to be asleep...

We miss you guys!

And I want a garden like that someday...